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Musculoskeletal Injections

An alternative approach to healing injuries & treating chronic pain. 

Say Goodbye to Pain With Innovative Regenerative Therapy.

If you’re experiencing bone or joint pain and you’re not sure where to turn, we’d love you to consult with our physician. Our regenerative musculoskeletal injections offer a range of pain-relieving benefits by targeting the source of your condition.

What Are Musculoskeletal Injections?

At Iconic Medical Arts, we’re passionate about helping you to live your best life – whatever that looks like. Pain can limit your freedom and impact your confidence, draining your energy and ability to thrive. Musculoskeletal injections harness a variety of modalities such as PRP (platelet-rich plasma), bone marrow aspirate, and fat-derived cells to reduce pain. These natural factors can treat common conditions such as osteoarthritis and sports-related injuries.

If you’re struggling with pain and think this treatment could work for you, you can begin the journey by booking a consultation. Our experienced physician will review your patient history, as well as carrying out a thorough exam of your present condition. Once we’ve got the full picture, we’ll work with you to find a treatment that maximizes pain relief and restores normal function.

physician injecting prp injection in to back of shoulder

Who Are Musculoskeletal Injections Designed For?

While many of our musculoskeletal injection patients suffer from osteoarthritis, this regenerative therapy is available to anyone suffering from pain in the joints or bones. By targeting the root of the problem instead of masking symptoms with short-term relief, we’re able to provide a sustainable solution to your pain.

Every patient is considered on an individual basis, and we’ll always make sure a treatment plan is the perfect fit before beginning any type of therapy.

Exhausted by bone and joint pain?
Struggling with a sport or long-term injury?
Tired of relying on pharmaceuticals for relief?

We’d love to resolve your problems with our innovative musculoskeletal injections.

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