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Hair Growth & Restoration

Renew Your Youth With Thicker, Fuller, and Healthier Hair.

Looking and feeling your best doesn’t have to be complicated. With our hair restoration treatments, you can say goodbye to hair loss and hello to a happier you.

What Is Hair Restoration?

Every human being is unique, which is why each hair restoration treatment plan we create is bespoke to your needs. When you book a consultation, our physician will carry out a full assessment to get to the root of your issues. Based on the factors causing your hair loss or thinning, we’ll work with you to draw up a comprehensive plan of action.

Hair can be complex, so we’ll always provide you with various options to choose from. This could include essential vitamins, specialized shampoos or medications, and bio-therapeutic natural injections.

Our primary aim is to invigorate, nurture and restore the health of your hair follicles, allowing you to be your most confident self.

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Who Can Get Hair Restoration Treatment?

If you’ve been struggling with hair loss or thinning, you’re not alone. Thousands of people face the same experience year over year, caused by a whole host of factors. At Iconic Medical Arts, we open our doors to anyone and everyone needing help from a hair restoration specialist. Chances are you’ve already tried all of the natural growth remedies you can get your hands on, and you’re more disappointed than ever by the results.

If this sounds like you, we’d love to spark the next stage of your hair restoration journey.

Tired of losing your hair with no explanation? Want to know more about our therapeutic hair treatments? Ready to book a consultation?

Get in touch with our friendly team today.

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LED Light Hair Growth Restoration Caps

The REVIAN RED System for hair growth is an innovative hair loss treatment for both men and women. REVIAN’s Modulated Light Therapy (MLT) utilizes proprietary wavelengths of LED light to unlock your natural reserves of nitric oxide. This increases local blood flow, reduces inflammation, and boosts the nutrients to your follicles resulting in new hair growth.

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